Here's another daily roundup of Fallout: New Vegas reviews. If you find more, please post them in the comments and I'll add them to the post!

Dan Vávra, Mafia series lead designer, reviews the game for Czech website Tiscali and gives it a 9/10, saying that if it had better engine and looked like 2010 game, and was more bugfree, he would give it a 10.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun:

Caesar’s Legion are New Vegas’ big addition to the Fallout lore. They’re a huge, warlike tribe that attempt to embody the characteristics of a Roman legion, meaning leather tunics, little skirts and ferocious disciple- drugs, and as far as I can tell, jokes, are banned. There is just nothing interesting about them, except for the fact that they all pronounce Caesar “Kai-zar”, a mystery I never got to the bottom of. New Vegas’ saving grace is really just the framework it fails to employ particularly well. While I won’t be returning to New Vegas after this review, I did have a fair amount of fun doing all the old Fallouty things- exploring the wasteland, looting bodies, solving problems with my skills instead of violence and, when I didn’t have the skills, blowing apart head after tender head with my favourite shotgun.

I wonder if he went far into the game - as far as I know, the pronunciation is explained pretty early on.

Fallout: New Vegas is an absolute must-have for every fan of the post-nuclear universe. It not only uses the old and proven elements of the previous games in the series, but also introduces lots of new ones. First and foremost, though, Obsidian prepared a long, epic adventure, in which at many times we will stop to listen to the sounds of the past war.
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