Here's another roundup of developer forum posts from the official Fallout: New Vegas forum.

Does killing Caesar's Legion characters give you good Karma and killing NCR give you bad Karma?

This isn't generally true. Normal rank and file members of the NCR/CL don't give good or bad karma when you kill them. Certain individuals who are particularly good/bad will, though.J.E. Sawyer

Auto/quick save bugs:

We're still working on some issues relating to Steam cloud and saves -- I hope to have more information to you soon. In the meantime, I'd definitely recommend using manual saves.Matt Grandstaff

Why do Powder Gangers attack me even if I have high reputation with them?

There are renegade powder gangers in the game that will attack anyone. Most of them are located around Primm.Matt Grandstaff

Pre-order bonus issues:

If you pre-ordered Fallout: New Vegas and the retailer selling the game offered a pre-order bonus, look in your game case and pull out the card that reads “Added Bonus.” On the flip side of the card, you’ll find the code to enter within the PlayStation Store.

Upon entering the code, you’ll receive options as to which language to select. Users in North America using BLUS 30626 (BLUS # found on the spine of your game case) playing the game in English should select The English version of the Bonus Pack. The French version will have “French Version” in Parenthesis, while the English version will not. Users in North America using BLUS 30626 playing the game in French should select The French version of the Bonus Pack, which will be labeled as “(French Version)”. Users in North America using BLUS 30500 should always select The English version of the Bonus Pack. The French version will have “French” in Parenthesis, while the English version will not.

If you accidentally select the wrong, language. Please follow these steps. Navigate to and select the Game Data Utility in the XMB Delete the Fallout: New Vegas DLC – ([Wrong Region Code]) Navigate to the Playstation Store -> Downloads section and download the correct Bonus Pack which matches your region.

If you still receive a "80023156" error when you try to enter the code, you'll need to wait 24 hours before entering the code again; at that point, you should be able to activate the bonus without issue.
Matt Grandstaff

Steam achievements and console commands:

Another developer mentioned to me that if you're using the tilde key while playing, you Steam achievements could become disabled.Matt Grandstaff

Energy weapons vs. guns:

The Laser Rifle is (I think) the most accurate ranged weapon and can be scoped as well.J.E. Sawyer

That Gun:

It fires and reloads quickly, is very accurate, and is the only handgun that can fire Armor Piercing rounds. EDIT: Also, because it's a revolver, it's affected by the Cowboy perk.J.E. Sawyer

How to kill a Nightkin?

In my experience, weapons with a high DPS rating are usually best, even if they are inaccurate. Also, I think that nightkin typically don't wear armor, so if you have hollow point bullets, those also help. I think a 9mm SMG with the light bolt mod and hollow point bullets made short work of them for me.J.E. Sawyer

How to make damage threshold not allow even any minimal damage?

There is a game setting called fMinDamMultiplier. It is set to 0.2 by default. If you set it to 0.0, damage can reach 0.J.E. Sawyer
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