Dead Money

Microsoft's Major Nelson has interviewed Bethesda's Jason Bergman in his latest podcast. Here's some new info about Dead Money, the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas add-on for the Xbox 360.

  • Dead Money is an entirely self-contained quest, totally seperate from the main quest. It has its own opening and ending slideshow.
  • It's very difficult and intended for high-level players (from level 20 up). Below level 10 it would be extremely difficult to finish.
  • The storyline ties into the Brotherhood of Steel. If you play through Dead Money, it unlocks new dialogue with Veronica. Your conversation with her will unlock a new perk depending on what you do.
  • The player is drawn there because they receive a radio signal advertising the grand opening of the Sierra Madre casino.
  • You have to assemble a team from three other companions there - a schizophrenic super mutant called either "Dog" or "God" with two different personalities (each has a different perk). Christine is mute for most the DLC. She is very damaged but also very intelligent. Dean is a lounge-singing ghoul with his own agenda. You have them on and off with you, but you have to interact with all of them throughout the add-on.
  • The quest will take around 4-6 hours for an average player.
  • The Ghost people were exposed to the radiation cloud surrounding the Sierra Madre. They are very mysterious, they don't talk, have glowing eyes. They don't die very easily - to really kill them, you have to decapitate them.
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