In the Interplay forum, Chris Taylor replies to a question about the interface of Project V13 (Fallout Online).

Will Fallout fans be able to pick this up and play it right off the bat? For example maybe some random fan will log in and think to him/herself "Hey! I remember this and that from Fallout 2! I got this game in the bag!". Or will this almost be a whole new game and thus will have a pretty big learning curve for both fans and none fans?

Interesting question.

It's going to have a whole new user interface, but we don't want to have a long learning curve to learn how to play. A long learning curve to master the game? Fine. But, we'd like people to jump right in and start playing.

Duck and Cover has a mock-up of what V13 interface might look like based on the interface of Earthrise, an upcoming game by Masthead Studios, which is working with Interplay on the Fallout MMO.

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