FOOL muties

The number of people trying to access the official Fallout Online website after the recent announcement and sign up for beta tests was so great that Interplay's servers couldn't handle it at first. Fortunately, when they noticed that they underestimated the number of fans wanting to test the game, the issues have been fixed and the site should load fine now.

In the official forum (still named Project V13 forum for some reason), lead designer Chris Taylor has replied to some beta testing questions.

First, about being hired as an in-house beta tester:

We aren't hiring beta testers for PV13 at the moment (it's still a little too early), but when we do, we'll usually hire local testers for internal playtesting to start, then do a closed beta (Friends and Family, first), then do an open beta.

And about age requirements for the eventual open beta:

Yes, it will be restricted to a certain age.

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