Menze Vault Boy 4

Brian Menze, the artist who drew all the new Vault Boy art in Fallout 2 (the original Fallout ones were drawn by Tramell Isaac), and who is now working on Fallout: New Vegas, decided to sell some of his drawings on eBay. The first ones to go are Scourge of the Wastes and Weapon Handling as well as Grave Digger and Villified.

Hi there! My name is Brian Menze and I'm the artist who drew all of the Vault (pip) Boy images for Fallout 2. I'm going to do a test run with these to see how well they do before I post more, so if they do, keep a look out for future postings of your favorite Vault Boy images. The Vault Boy images I'm offering here are "Grave Digger" and "Villified". The first thing you'll ask yourself is "are these real?". Yes they are. Both are one of a kind and completely original. The second thing you'll ask yourself is "why are the faces missing?". Well, back when I worked on the project, I decided that the best way to keep the character "on model" was to use a "master" vault boy head to add later on the computer after I scanned in the body. This seemed the best and easiest way to keep the character looking good without having to make sure his eyes, mouth and hair were perfect each time I drew him. I inserted the "in game" images for your viewing pleasure and they are not part of the original art.

The page is an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper containing two Vault Boy images measuring roughly 4x5 inches each. Because these are original pieces you'll find the pages sometimes with slight creases, pencil marks, erasings and other slight imperfections. I will, of course, sign the page and add an original head sketch and personalize it for you, if you wish. I hope that's enough information, but if not please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

I will ship using USPS Priority Mail and strongly suggest you add insurance. As of now I only accept payments through PAYPAL. Thank you and happy bidding!

Looks like the first two have already been sold, but hopefully there will be more coming. They went for the extremely low prices of USD $28.00 and $52.05 - Brian really should have told The Vault and NMA first before putting them up for sale.

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