Bethesda vs Interplay

According to our source, Bethesda has filed a request to redact some of the testimony from the 218-page Bethesda v. Interplay court transcripts two fragments of which we have already quoted, in order to hide information about the MMO which their sister company, ZeniMax Online Studios, is working on, from its competitors.

The information that Bethesda wants to be removed before the court transcripts are available through PACER is the fact that they have invested "tens of tens of millions of dollars" and have "close to a hundred people" working on their "secret" World of Warcraft-type MMO, on which they have been working heartily since 2007. As they claimed that a MMO takes 4 years to make, we might expect it to be released next year.

ZeniMax also doesn't want their competitors to know whether the game is a Fallout MMO or not. In court, they have testified that it's not, so it's very much doubtful that any Fallout MMO by ZeniMax will be released before 2014, even if they win the case against Interplay. This project being Elder Scrolls Online is more likely.

I'm not really sure what's the point of redacting the testimony now, given that the full transcripts are available to be read at the court in Maryland (is anyone here local and would get us the full transcript text?), while this redaction is even more publicly available through PACER. If anything, they have now made sure that all competitors know about it.

Update: VG247 reportedly has reliable information that this indeed an Elder Scrolls MMO and is "very close to reveal by now".

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