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Todd Howard

At Quakecon 2009, Bethesda's Todd Howard has disappointed The Elder Scrolls fans by stating that a new game in this series is not currently planned, although Bethesda is indeed working on a new, big project. Could it mean Fallout 4? In my opinion it's rather doubtful, especially given that Fallout: New Vegas is coming out next year, but I suppose we'll have to wait and see. Who knows, maybe they created their first new IP in 10 years, or bought another one? Keep in mind, though, Bethesda has a history of denying the existence of their current projects until the official announcement, so it might end up being TES after all.

Pete Hines has posted a clarification on the Bethesda Blog:

Apparently some folks got a bit upset by reports based on Todd’s talk at QuakeCon last week. An article came out where Todd was quoted as saying we had no plans for a TES V. He did not say that. That was not a direct quote from him. That was someone’s interpretation of what he said. I know, I was there.
At his QuakeCon talk he was asked when TESV is coming out and Todd replied, “Don’t look for a new Elder Scrolls game in the near future.” He also went on to say how much the franchise means to us and that it definitely will continue. He just wasn’t going to provide any timeframe on “when.”
Todd and Bethesda Game Studios are hard at work on their next big game, and we’re not ready to discuss it. As always, we prefer to have something amazing to show when we talk about it. We aren’t going to confirm or deny or comment on speculation, nor are we going to give hints about anything. If you know us by now, you know we don’t really do that.

Read more at Bethesda Blog: "Clarifying About Next Elder Scrolls game, MMO, etc.".

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