Banned from Bethesda forum

Ausir October 19, 2009 User blog:Ausir

Hah, I've just been permanently banned from Bethesda forum. I've been temporarily banned before, but this time I was permbanned for... excessive linking to The Vault. And yes, I actually did link to the wiki just for the sake of it sometimes, but after being told not to, I posted links in threads where the links were actually relevant, and mostly as "further reading" in addition to writing an actual short answer to the question. They're also quoting my copypaste about the timeline divergence, which explains what the Fallout universe is about and which I've been using in the forum for a year or so every time a clueless person was asking the same question again, as proof of excessive linking. Funny that other users are free to link to The Vault, and often do so, simply to the main page as a universal answer to all questions, while I only linked to the articles/newsposts/FAQs relevant to a given thread.

Oh well, if they don't want me posting there, it's their choice. I'd say that their moderation policies are pretty silly, though, in many cases. Too bad that the official Fallout: New Vegas forum will also likely be in the Bethesda forum as well, though.

Update: Looks like part of the reason for the ban was also me posting details about Interplay's countersuit against Bethesda in the forum, at least that's what I was told by a moderator. Sounds more like the real reason to me.

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