Mz Space

Talking About Games has yet another Mothership Zeta interview with Jeff Gardiner.

What was the motivation behind taking players onto an alien spacecraft for Mothership Zeta? Did someone on the team have an encounter?
JG: We thought it would be a very unique environment to explore, a far cry from the dust ravaged wastes of DC. The lead designer, Emil Pagliarulo, and I are interested in Alien conspiracy theory... There's a lot of information to sift through on the internet, while neither of us is quite sure what to believe it makes for interesting coffee conversation.
So far you've taken several opportunities to branch out into areas considered less "Fallout-like" than others and had a good amount of success. Can you give us any examples of how you'll retain that Fallout feeling when players are creeping around space ships?
JG: The high-level technology employed by the Alien invaders still has the 'retro' feel of Fallout. Mothership Zeta is also laced with dark humor - it was penned by the same quest designer responsible for the Fallout 3 'main' questline, Brian Chapin.
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