Here's another roundup of forum posts by Fallout: New Vegas developers.

Weapon mods:

No weapon has more than three mods available for it. It's part of how we structured the data to prevent .nif combinations from getting out of control. That said, if PC modders still want to use "their way" of making weapon mods (as they did on F3), they should still be able to. The F:NV mod system just keeps it all of it within one weapon form and the associated weapon mod forms.J.E. Sawyer

Gun trigger delay:

The problem was with the animation system, not the animations themselves. We have addressed this in F:NV by inserting about 0.5 seconds of input buffering prior to the link frame for the next attack. If you mash the fire button in F:NV, you should get a consistent sequence of shots/attacks off. Basically, shooting semi-auto weapons should "feel more responsive".J.E. Sawyer

Ammo crafting:

Drained energy cells/microfusion cells/flamer tanks etc. can be recycled at workbenches. You simply need a certain quantity to mash them together into a single fresh charge. Well, that and a certain Science prerequisite.J.E. Sawyer


Long Haul is entirely a convenience perk. Anything you could carry out in 2/3/4 trips you can carry out in 1. It is keyed off of Barter because not many perks are keyed off of Barter, and those that have been in the past typically just modify sale prices... which is what the Barter skill does. "Logically" it should be based off of END or STR, but there are several perks that use one of those stats as a prerequisite. It's important that we (designers) reward people for investing in different skills. Creating perks with high skill prerequisites is one way to do that.J.E. Sawyer
Clearly everyone has different opinions on the value of any given perk, but if one skill unlocks a dozen perks and another skill unlocks zero, there are obviously significant secondary options available for the former and not the latter.J.E. Sawyer

And more about perks:

Long Haul is a utility perk. The only thing it really allows you to do is carry in one trip what (typically) could be carried in two, three, four, etc. Some people really love the utility, others don't. This often has something to do with the player's patience and/or obsessive nature. And yes, travel time does accelerate your H20/FOD/SLP meters.J.E. Sawyer


According to some folks I spoke to today, you should be able to preload soon (if not already) -- same goes for Direct2Drive. As for when you'll be able to unlock and play the game, I'm working on getting those details. I hope to have that info to you by Monday, if not earlier.Matt Grandstaff
Two things:

Yes we have achievements on Steam. I'll ping Valve to update that page. Sorry for the confusion. :)

Also, we have worked (directly with hardware manufacturers) to improve performance on multicore systems.

Hope that clears things up.
Jason Bergman
One more update after talking to Valve:

The reason we don't list achievements yet is because on valve's site, putting that up puts a link to all the achievements and global stat tracking. Since we're not live, we can't do that yet, so no pre-order game has achievements listed on the sidebar.

They're looking to fix that in the future, but as of right now, they can't do it.

Just thought you'd like to know the reason for that.
Jason Bergman

Voice actors

Wes [Johnson] is actually not one of the voice actors in New Vegas.... sorry. We did all our recordings on the west coast for Fallout: New Vegas, and Wes is an East Coast guy. We're still a big fan of Wes' work.Matt Grandstaff

And some J.E. Sawyer posts from Something Awful:

It [anti-materiel rifle] is one of the best things to use against power armor due to its extremely high DAM. You can also get armor piercing .50 MG rounds that, per shot, really make power armor only marginally effective.J.E. Sawyer
The anti-materiel rifle uses .50 MG. The minigun still uses 5mm. Low DAM, high DPS, and frighteningly accurate if you have the STR/skill to hold it steady.J.E. Sawyer
You don't need to use mods to run "hot" loads, but those loads do tend to wear down CND more quickly. The .357 Magnum Revolver is already pretty damned sturdy (high CND), but the HD cylinder makes it nigh indestructible with normal (or even extended) use.J.E. Sawyer
This has already been discussed a bunch but I intentionally asked that all of Caesar's "peeps" pronounce Roman names/Latin words using classical pronunciation. Caesar is essentially their main source for all knowledge and he taught them as he had been taught, and so it was passed on over time. Random NCR scrubs/people in the wasteland pronounce the words/names using ecclesiastical pronunciation or "what it looks like", i.e. as though the words were English.J.E. Sawyer
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