• Aryeonos

    Okay, so I got the pitt, for the Xbox 360 as we all know I don't have the time or money to get an actually good computer. Hooray, I'll be on my way to Pittsburgh this will be fun I get to fight raider/slaver scum in the name of... whatever it is I fight for, lets say 3 dog. So I answer the distress call run in with Charon Cross and the dog. Flamers ablaze I burn away those nasty, raiders , pitt raiders to be specific their different because... They come from pittsburgh and we all know how people from Pittsburgh are. So half hour latter I'm working in the steel yard, with absolutely nothing at my disposal except for what I find, and a squad of protectrons, thanks to my scientific mastery. Sure it's delicious to see a trog as they call them, hi…

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