I write some very unusual things. As to what I write about I write about vampire eaters, among other things that I have written I have a total amount of over 300 short stories (between 1-6 pages long each) that I do for my own well being. I game and write and do a lot of research into various things. The quest for knowledge is an ever progressing path that never has an end path to be seen. I believe in treating everyone as a person first, I might joke with you and all but regardless of how I joke or how I feel about you or another I still feel that everyone is a person first. This does not exclude me from agreeing or disagreeing with someone or something/s. I do believe that laughter can be a pressing matter for a healthier lifestyle and wish happiness upon others, well in my own unusual manner. I have my serious times and chill times but I am myself. I'm not here to flirt >_>' and none of my short stories have anything related to that and nothing dirty... unless you count people dying that is or limb dismemberment that is. I think I can come up with a short story at will. I've done it before in the past many times. Then again some of the better stories is the inclusion of other people in it in such a manner that is heartwarming. Also I am a huge fan of fallout since Fallout 2 release... and I own all the Fallout games to date.