I've come up with a few ideas and improvements on future Fallouts. Here they are:

  • A duffle bag you carry around your shoulder for storing stuff.
    • When you pick an item up, you actually pick it up and put it into the bag.
    • When taking a weapon out of the bag, you actually pull it out.
  • I want an explanation as to why my weapon sticks to my back. How about they put a strap on the weapon that ties to you.
  • Keep adding more of the weapons that are like the 12.7mm submachine gun and the Bumper sword.
  • Allow the player to actually climb up a freaking mountain...
  • Actually allow the player to have a group of five companions. More varieties of companions like:
  • Also, use a different engine.

Feel free to comment and add any other improvements needed in any future Fallout games. Nukey talk