This article was createdso I could share some Fallout 3 bugs, and see what bugs you've encountered. All of this is on very hard mode.

  • Sticky or other followers running away for a bit at a fast pace, then turning around and following me again.
  • Charon standing still and not following me. Fixed by telling him to wait, then get him to come with you again.
  • After killing a Yao guai near the bluff (close to Springvale School), another one spawned directly on top of it.
  • A Deathclaw and a Mole rat being friends and teaming up on me.
  • Walking into a metro and seeing a bottle literally up a dead girls skirt. Not joking.
  • My legs having excessive spasms due to stupid ragdoll physics.

That's pretty much it, feel free to post a few stories and weird crap.