I decided to ask a few questions about Van Buren. Luckily, Chris had replied to my questions:

What was Van Buren going to be like? I read a lot about it on The Vault, and I just wanted to get your opinion on it. Also, I was surprised to see you had worked on KOTOR II. That was one of my favorite games! Anyways, if you find the time, message me back

That's a complicated question - and the fact that Van Buren went through 2 stages doubly complicates it. Is there a particular aspect you were interested in? I could probably focus an answer on that and give you something that would be helpful. Also, if you wanted to see the general flow of the themes for VB, look up "Avellone" + "Design" + "Akido" and see the YouTube download of the Fallout section for details. I think it's in the middle of the presentation after K2.

I decided to ask a few questions about the game play and story line:

To narrow it down, the game play and the storyline. I know the whole basis of Dr. Presper wanting to use B.O.M.B.-001 and all, but is there any other aspect to it that people generally don't know, like the background of the Prisoner? Also, I know about how the Jefferson Engine was to make the game fully 3D, but what else was to be adapted into it?

He then replied:
All of the stuff you mentioned was Stage 2 of VB, which I was only involved in for about a month before resigning once Feargus quit, so that I couldn't help with, unfortunately. In VB Stage 1, the Prisoner was whatever background the player decided with the option of choosing their crime that landed them at the start of the game, and Presper wanted to eradicate all the current wasteland populations in order to start over and create a new perfect society from the people in cryogenic freeze beneath Boulder Dome.

I then asked another question, as my curiosity was spiked.

Very interesting. How far did you get in game development before the project was abandoned/stopped?

He answered:
3-4 years for stage 1, maybe a year for stage 2 (reached the demo stage).

I had one last comment for him:

That's too bad... by the way, before I get off, stop by The Vault once in a while :).

Anyways, I hope this was new to some people and interesting.