A party of vagabonds set out into the wastes, searching high and low for adventure and caps, you are one of these adventurers. These people are your comrades, and your competition. Together you will face the brutal post nuclear wasteland known as:


New Game, New World

The Nukapedia Fallout Role-Play is a new, weekly role-playing game hosted by the Game Master: Gothic Neko.

Every game is split into seven weekly instalments called "Events" (or rounds of play), in each one of the events every player must comment their actions for that round at which point they, and everyone else watching the game, can see the results of their actions in the next event; whether they be good or bad.

Each game will have a new and unique story, each with a different goal for the party of players. As the weeks go on the story will unravel, depending on the players actions the party will either win or lose.

Although all surviving players win the event, if they complete the final challenge, there are still three selected players which will receive trophies depending on their actions:
The Merchant Empire Trophy: The character with the most caps at end game.
The Scavenger of the Wastes Trophy: The character who explored the most places.
The Against all odds Trophy: The character who has killed the most enemies at end game.

In the event of a tie breaker specific character actions and inventory will be taken in to account.


Character Submission

To join the weekly Nukapedia Fallout role-play you must have a character. Characters are only accepted if they are submitted during the initial 12 suitable comments on the blog (This has now changed and it will be a random draw of 12 characters from the comments), the user has not played the Nukapedia Fallout role-play before and the user has a fully registered account (they must also comment with their character on their registered account, anonymous users cannot play). The rules for suitable characters are as follows:

  • They must have all required fields, either line by line or broken up with semi-colons.
  • SPECIAL stats must calculate to 40 overall points and must have at least 1 point in each SPECIAL with a maximum of 10 points.
  • Names must be realistic (no numbers or symbols) and not offensive.

Required Fields

Character Name: The name of your character; can be a full name or just first name.
Gender: Either Male (M) or Female (F) for the gender. (Super Mutants must be classed as (U), unisex/unclassified)
Race: The race of your character, this can be any race from: Human, Ghoul or Super Mutant.
SPECIAL: Assign 40 points to each of your SPECIAL statistics.
Items: List one item pack from the table below, name only.
Back story (Optional): A short back story for your character, this is only for personal or other users to read and will have no effect on game mechanics (other then your interaction).

Item Packs

Pack Name Weapon Armour Items
Mercenary 10mm Pistol Leather Armour 10mm Round (x24)

Dirty Water (x1)

Technician Laser Pistol Radiation Suit Energy Cell (x30)

Dirty Water (x1)
Stimpak (x1)

Trader Brass Knuckles Roving Trader Outfit Purified Water (x2)

Dirty Water (x1)
Stimpak (x1)

Wasteland Doctor Kitchen Knife Doctor Fatigues Stimpak (x2)

Dirty Water (x1)
Buffout (x1)


Special thank you to DragonBorn96 for creating the Role-Play's logo (as seen at the top of the blog).