A party of vagabonds set out into the wastes, searching high and low for adventure and caps, you are one of these adventurers. These people are your comrades, and your competition. Together you will face the brutal post nuclear wasteland known as the:


Who's in?

The fifteen lucky character submissions have been selected, and a congratulations to all those who have been. For those who have not been selected, don't despair, you may re-use your character submission in the next NFRP campaign.

The following users will be playing this campaign:
AlmightyOats as Bullseye
Charcoal121 as Atticus Brown
Crimpycracker as Kogan
Edward Hawk as Richard Hawk
Energy X as Ratch
Environments as Shiala
GarouxBloodline as Enkidu Js'Rath
JASPER42 as Jasper Balisong
Leafless as Lakiska
Lynx Lebeau as Mark LeBeau
Mr. Flat as Jonathan Bennet
Paladin117 as AX-0
RangerMaraffko as Benjamin Harris
Stars and Stripes Forever as Henry Finch
The Old World Relics as Nathaniel St Claire

The Party

Next time...

Tune in next week when we kick the roleplay off with our intrepid band of misfits embarking to Junktown with a caravan, answering the call for bounty hunters in the region.