A party of vagabonds set out into the wastes, searching high and low for adventure and caps, you are one of these adventurers. These people are your comrades, and your competition. Together you will face the brutal post nuclear wasteland known as the:


Last time...

The party

Day Five

5th March, 2282

The Core Region, Mercenary Compound [Contested]

Picking up the trail was difficult, but not impossible. By the next morning you and your band of rag-tag vigilantes find a large pre-war compound, surrounded by a barbed wire fence, hovering over an entrance, littered with sandbags, an old sign reads “C l forn a Wa te Man g me t”.

Whatever the compound used to be has long since been blown to the wasteland’s winds as tents, make-shift cages and campfires taint the area. Keeping low, a few spotters recognise the guards as the same mercenaries who attacked Junktown and those in the cages as civilians, captured guards and several bedraggled NCR troopers. It’s no secret why they’re locked up, with the shining metal collars clasped around their necks, but you've never seen a slave operation running this large without gaining NCR notice, especially in the core region.

Several slaves are being rounded up behind a caravan of mercenaries, heading for the main gate, but not before being checked over and quizzed by a brutish, and rather dim, looking Super Mutant. Wearing several pieces of scrap metal, mercenary armour and, what looks like, a military epaulette the Super Mutant screams something incoherent at the slaves and points to the gates.

Whoever this Mutant is he's the one giving orders and will likely know who’s leading this operation, but interrogation doesn't seem to be within his vocabulary.

The day is yours, but what will you do?

What's visible

Boss fight! Once the day is done, all party members will fight Thunk the Taskmaster, make sure you are prepared!

Two quests are available:

Thunk the Taskmaster: The brutish and cruel Super Mutant wanders, almost aimlessly, towards the far back of the compound. You will have to oust him with distractions at the front of the compound if you want that information.

To the north you can see some of the resource tents, namely the armoury and the canteen. It’s guarded, but not impenetrable.

To the west you can see a make-shift clinic, stocked with stims, chems and several types of sharp implement that you would prefer not to be on the receiving end of.

To the east you can see the main gate, certainly not worth charging head first but several guards wander the outskirts.


During your turn you may only take two major actions but as many minor actions as you wish. Major actions by other characters which affect your character do not count towards your two major actions, though performing an action as a group does use up one of your major actions as normal. Please comment your chosen actions below in the comments section.

Major Actions

Accept quest: You may accept a quest from a quest giver if available; only one quest can be active at any one time. If you complete the quest you will automatically receive the reward, regardless of location. If you can choose between multiple rewards you must state which reward you want, if you do not then the reward will be randomly chosen. Quests may be taken as a small group of characters (2 or more), increasing the reward but also increasing difficulty, though all players in the group must accept with a reply of confirmation to the original group request.

Explore: Explore a certain direction (i.e. north, south, east, west). You must provide both the command and the direction you wish to explore. You explore as a small group of characters (2 or more), though all players in the group must accept with a reply of confirmation to the original group request.

Attack: Attack a visible hostile or character. If the character is part of a faction, or group of characters, then all characters belonging to the faction will turn hostile to the character. Continued aggression by multiple characters will turn the entire party hostile to the faction. You may attack as a small group of characters (2 or more), though all players in the group must accept with a reply of confirmation to the original group request.

Request duel: Requests a duel with one player, or as a group of players. Duels will always be to the death, but all players in the duel must accept with a reply of confirmation to the original duel request.

Minor Actions

Equip / Remove item: Equips a piece of armour or weapon, and removes any currently equipped weapons or armour placing them in the inventory. If there is not enough room in the inventory for the item then room must be made or else the action will not be completed.

Use item: An item in the inventory is used on either the character or another character (if stated).

Purchase: Purchases a visible item for sale by a trader. Only successful if the character has enough caps and there is room in the inventory. Price of an item will always be 100% of the value of that item.

Sell: Sells an item to a trader in exchange for caps, the value of which follows this formula:

\text{Sale value}=(\text{Base Value}/2)+(((\text{Base Value}/2)/10)*\text{Charisma})

e.g. A laser pistol is worth 20 caps and an example character has 6 charisma, the selling price for this laser pistol would be 16 caps.

Trade item: Trades an item, caps, or multiple items, between players. Both players must accept with a reply of confirmation to the original trade request.

Trash item: Throws away an item in the inventory. This item can not be picked up again by any character.

Working as a group

Some actions can be taken as a group, once a group has been formed for that action whoever instigated it will now be called "Group Leader". The Group leader may assign roles to certain characters they've asked for assistance from, or the characters who accept may chose their own roles in the group. The roles are:

Brawler: Default role in the group, will deal damage as normal.
Tank: If your group faces more enemies than it can handle, tanks will take on the extra enemies attacks.
Medic: If a character in the group falls below 20% of their maximum health the medic will use any aid items in their inventory to patch them back up. Only one per group.

After the group action, any items discovered or looted will be shared based on a "need before greed" rule (where players who may need an item more than others, for instance ammunition or aid items, will receive that item as their share of the loot).

Radiation: The more you know!

Radiation can come from anywhere: barrels of waste, radioactive craters and even water. Too much radiation and you will suffer, from simple radiation sickness to death.

5 or more points of radiation will give you: "Minor Radiation Sickness", which confers to a -1 to Endurance and -1 to Agility.

10 or more points of radiation will give you: "Major Radiation Sickness", which confers to a -2 to Endurance, -1 to Agility and -1 to Strength.

15 or more points of radiation will instantly kill you.


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