A party of vagabonds set out into the wastes, searching high and low for adventure and caps, you are one of these adventurers. These people are your comrades, and your competition. Together you will face the brutal post nuclear wasteland known as the:


A quick note

First of all, I would like to start off this redux of the Nukapedia Fallout Roleplay with a personal apology to those who played and watched the previous. Due to events beyond my control the original NFRP was unfortunately, and abruptly, put to an end, and for that I apologise to all who previously participated. It is my hope that those who had previously played would re-apply (with the same characters if you wish) in this redux.

New Game, New World... again

Every game is split into seven weekly instalments called "Events" (or rounds of play), in each one of the events every player must comment their actions for that round at which point they, and everyone else watching the game, can see the results of their actions in the next event; whether they be good or bad.

Each game will have a new and unique story, each with a different goal for the party of players. As the weeks go on the story will unravel, depending on the players actions the party will either win or lose.

Although all surviving players win the roleplay, if they complete the final challenge, there are still three selected players who will receive trophies depending on their actions:
The "Merchant Empire" Trophy: The character with the most caps at end game.
The "Against all odds" Trophy: The character who has lost the most health and gained the most radiation.
The "Warlord" Trophy: The character who has killed the most enemies at end game.

In the event of a tie breaker specific character actions and inventory will be taken in to account.

Character Submission


Your submission must contain the following to be considered a legal submission:

  • Name: This can be a first name, both first and surname or a nick name. You may not use an excessively long name (longer than 16 characters) or an offensive name.
  • Race: The race of your character must be chosen from one of the following: Android, Human, Ghoul or Super Mutant. Race has no dramatic effect of gameplay.
  • Gender: The full gender or just an initial is acceptable. Note: Those who chose to play as a Super Mutant must list their genders as "unisex" or "u".
  • SPECIAL!: A maximum of forty points can be assigned to your SPECIAL, you must have at least one point in each category with a maximum of ten points.
    • S: Effects the maximum number of slots you have. Items, armour and weapons use up slots in your inventory.
    • P: Effects your initiative, or whether or not you will strike the enemy first.
    • E: Effects your maximum hit points.
    • C: Effects the value of items, how much they cost and how much they sell for.
    • I: Effects the amount of health you recieve from aid items.
    • A: Effects your natural armour class, or your natural protection from attacks.
    • L: Effects your overall luck and your chance to critically hit an enemy.
  • Perks: Two perks must be chosen from the perk table, of which one must be a "Weapon Proficiency". All selected perks must meet the requirements.
  • Equipment package: The starting equipment from the table below, only one package can be chosen.

You may also add a backstory if you wish, though this will have no impact on gameplay but may give an insight to your character for other players (or yourself for future reference).

Perk Table

The full perk table can be found here.

Equipment Packages

The statistics for weapons can be found here, and for armour here.

Name Contents
Doctor Doctor Fatigues

Kitchen Knife

Gambler Shabby Gambler Suit

.357 Revolver
.357 Round (x12)
Nuka-Cola (x2)

Scout Ranger Vest Outfit

10mm Pistol
10mm Round (x12)

Trader Roving Trader Outfit

Brass Knuckles
Dirty Water

Vault Dweller Vault Jumpsuit

Laser Pistol
Energy Cell (x12)
Purified Water

The character submission window will close at 23:59 (UTC) Thursday the 27th of December, entries past this date (UTC) will not be accepted.
The window has now closed, no further entries will be accepted.