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Opening speech


In the year 2077, when the heavens closed and all saw the chariots of hell scorch the sky and land, many feared that Mankind's arrogance would lead to the end of all life. But Mankind, arrogant as they feared, endured against the harsh world it bore from the womb of fire.

In the west, the New California Republic rose first from the ashes, rebuilding what was lost to the war. A beacon of the past lit, bringing the people of the wastes to what they were taught was safety, security, and normality- the world before the end times.

In the east, the Brotherhood of Steel marched a metal tide of cleansing against the mutant menace, bringing a tenuous yet stagnant peace to the people of the Capital Wasteland.

All through out the wastes these parodies of the past emerged, clinging to old world values, and old world rhetoric.

From House to Tandi; from Caesar to Eden; the world heaved with the torment of the past, never dreaming of a future.

Til today.

You are a soldier of fortune. Sent from an unheard of home, born to unimportant parents, you have carved yourself a way to the former state of Colorado, where the twin armies of Imperialism and Monarchy ride to the last unclaimed lands remaining from the Legion's collapse.

On crimson soaked fields, change will come, and the wastes will see what the future will rise as.

But War... War never changes.




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