Making Caps is Downloadable Content available for Fallout: New Vegas, updating the Boulder City Train Station and adding in a quest line to rebuild the west coast Nevada railroad in anticipation of the E3 Expo.


After clearing out Boulder City in Boulder City Showdown, the NCR orders for a refocused effort on completing the Vegas-to-Hub railroad project, after multiple setbacks from Powder Gangers and Legion assaults wearing down supply lines between the NCR homeland and front. The project is fully funded by the Electric, Explosive and Energy defence contractor (E-Three), seeking to encourage trade between the frontline forces and NCR mainlands.

Two days after the Courier finishes Boulder City Showdon (no matter the outcome), Captain Rigg Morale, as penance for an extensive list of crimes ranging from countfeiting to fake drugs running, is assigned to the railroad. He issues out a radio signal, calling for engineers and builders to lay tracks and repair a Locomotive Car, whilst all stay under the ever pervasive supervision of the NCR Post-Criminal Re-Education and Evaluation Officer Riga.

However, no matter the situation, or constant supervision, there is always an opportunity to make caps.



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