This is a fan fictional news article from Publick Occurances.

Blue's Blues part 1 by Piper Wright

We all know the vault dweller whom I have always affectionately called "Blue" (due to her vault suit). We know the changes she brought about. The good and the bad. New flags fly in our city, new faces walk our streets. We even have a new mayor. She is the most powerful person in the Commonwealth.

I am about to report a story that I promised I would not tell until the time was right. That time is now.

It started years ago. I was at my printing press when Nick Valentine came by and told me that Blue was back in town. I knew she had just got back from the Glowing Sea, so I let her rest. Two days went by and she still hadn't set foot out of her house at Home Base. I was starting to worry when finally on the third day she came to me. When I looked into her eyes I went from starting to worry to seriously worrying. Before there was a fire, a determination. But now her eyes looked as lifeless and dead as a Feral. "Blue, what's wrong?" "Can you take a few days off Piper? I want to show you something." "Sure thing Blue,where are we going?" "Sanctuary, you won't need your war gear we're not going for a fight." "True enough." I thought as she was not sporting the hot pink T-60 armor she usually wore.

The next morning I said goodbye to my little sister Nat and we were on our way. She rarely spoke, walking as if in a daze. People greeted her at the settlements we went through, yet she all but ignored them.

It was dusk when we reached Sanctuary. We then went to her once immaculate home. Where she immediately went to bed and fell into a fitful sleep. I found I could not sleep. My mind was racing. What happened in the Glowing Sea? Will she be ok?

I wandered her house trying to imagine what her life was like before the war. In her mind only a few months ago. To wake up in a nightmare world where everything and everyone you cared about had been stripped away. It almost made me cry thinking about it. "Damn Blue, you're one tough lady." I thought to myself. "So what has got you so rattled ?"

Then I thought of a happier time. When she invited Cait, Curie and myself for what she called "a sleepover". Codsworth served wine, we listened to the radio and gossiped. Then Cait got plastered and did a hilarious impersonation of a Super Mutant. With that fond memory I finally dozed off.

The next morning she woke me up. We had a quick breakfast. Then I followed her out of the house. We went past the house next door and across an old foot bridge. After that we climbed a hill to what looked like an abandoned construction site.

She then turned around and looked me square in the eyes. "Piper, your my best friend. You're the only person who has never asked me for anything." "Except for an interview and helping me get back into Diamond City." I replied. She smirked at that. The closest she came to smiling since she got back.

"What you see and hear next you may tell one day. But for today please put away the reporter and just be my friend." The pleading tone in a voice that is usually so commanding startled me. "Uh, of course Blue."

She then jumped on a rusted piece of equipment, plugged in her pipboy, and hit a switch. She quickly guided us to the platform and said. "It's weight sensitive." As we stepped on the platform we descended into darkness.

To be cont.