Go Watch ThunderCats.
No, not the one from the '80s, I mean the new one new one. Just watched it and it rocks pretty well and hard and all night long, Sweet Susie. Trust me, dammit. Would I lie to you about this? No.
Also go watch Love Hina and Ah! My Goddess.
Because the Gnomes will kill Teddy Bears if you don't. That's why.
Please think of the Teddy Bears!
To explain the title of today's Entry: I tried no less than eight times to post this entry.

[Edit] And even THEN I had to come back to it about two weeks later when it was pointed out to me that the posting had been gobbledeguk. Clearly this sabotage was perpetrated by the Communist-Gnome Alliance.


-- The Arcadian Rook(talk)(Needs More Battle Cattle) 19:56, August 9, 2011 (UTC)