This Audio Book is Fun and Completely Free And You Should Listen to It.

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Go Here or look up FETIDUS on iTunes. Download the audio book chapters from either location. It's completely free on both. No strings attached, no surveys, malware, spyware, blah blah, etc. etc. Genre: Audiobook/Audio-Play Urban-Fantasy meets Private Detective Noir.

Seriously folks, this is friggin' worth it, no I'm not getting anything out of this plug. If you like what you hear, send him a message, dammit! This is Book one in a series, and I REALLY want there to be a second.

Enjoy and thank you!

-- The Arcadian Rook (talk)Needs More Battle Cattle 00:51, September 3, 2011 (UTC)

P.S. Kitty went on a three-day safari and has returned! .. She's a wee bit miffed, however, that I'm not letting her right back outside (especially not after only five minutes)

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