Soooo yeah... I was woken rudely (comma very, VERY) today. This is more or (possibly) less a transcript (certainly not embellished at all) of how that went down:
[door is opened without knocking. GAWD I HATE THAT! ARRRGH!!]
Roomie: "Yo Josh"
Me: "Mrrrrph..."
Roomie: "Wake the hell up"
M: "Nooo, go 'way! I'm'a sleepin'"
R: [flatmate's tone becoming more belligerent] "Wakey wakey... NOW!"
M: "I will send my horde of genetically modified, power-armored BATTLE CATTLE AFTER YOU!!" [I am suddenly hit in the chest with something] "Ow! what the hell? I SHALL VISIT SLAYINGS UPON YOU! [sensing his smirk through the pulled-up blankets which shield my tender eyes from the hated hated morning sun] YES, MULTIPLE!!"
R: Yeah yeah, maybe this'll help you with all that, then?
[leaves, possibly with a self-satisfied or -righteous smirk]
M: [unintelligible grunting] -hell're you on about? [I sit up and look down at the object which has fallen into my lap. It is a Fallout/Fallout 2 Two-in-One Pack. Complete with the Jacob's-Ladder-style packaging. Singing from afar is heard by our protagonist.]
[more silence]
M: [calling out from my bed, still] "YOU, SIR, ARE SPARED FROM ALL FUTURE FIELD-TESTING![muttering quietly] this statement is in no way legally binding*"
R: [presumably from his room, possibly with a derisive wave, possibly with great, awe-inspiring thankfulness] Yup. That's... good(?)- [the rest of Roomie's rightfully worshiping commentary is lost amid the mad cackling of our protagonist. Me]

So that was MY morning.
Go on: pretend your morning was better.
Let's hear about it.

--The Arcadian Rook. 14:52, July 18, 2011 (UTC)