We knew leaving the vault wouldn't be easy. Never imagined it would be this hard. Cindy's completely freaked out now, she's reached that point where she won't even let us come near her. Before she went this way she told us that Tim had tried to steal some crops and ended up dead. She told us this in an even briefer form than that. We just picked up and ran, Jay wasn't too keen on it but we had the kid to think about and we've only got one gun to take on about a dozen guys or more. Speaking of that gun, Jay checked how much ammo was in it. An insignifant 4 bullets.

We're heading towards civilization on the horizon. Moving by night now that we've come to realize our odds in this new world. I think I remember another vault being around here. I told Jay about it but he didn't take to the idea since I don't actually remember for sure. If I see something that sparks my memory though, we're definitely going to check. If nothing else maybe that vault managed to stay empty when its inhabitants left and got killed. Maybe we could take it over.

I'm trying to write this and watch at the same time, it's currently my turn on guard duty. Jay and the girl are sleeping. We've taken refuge behind some rubble and we're pretty well out of sight but chances are someone will come looking around the pile of concrete for some supply or a place to use as a toilet. If someone did, they'd be losing a lot of fluid, just not the kind they had intended.

We saw a neon sign in the distance when we were moving at night. It wasn't too far down the road and it gave us some mixed feelings. We'll probably end up going around the place. This makes me wonder what we're going to do when we hit the town. If we can't trust an illuminated sign how are we gonna find friendly faces? Truth is we can't trust anyone anymore. Our best hope is to stick together and figure things out in a different way. I'll try to talk to Jay about that while Cindy is still asleep, I'd rather not have her hear all the depressing details.