You'll never guess who we bumped into, the fucking Overseer. Him and this little girl, Cindy, from the vault. They were the source of the smoke. Tim, the Overseer, told us that the vault was taken over by some survivors. He and a group of vaultdwellers had attempted to get back in but three of them died, including Cindy's dad. Then he told us something we couldn't believe. He said he saw some sort of oversized creature. He said it looked like an insect or something. We all know radiation doesn't actually do that, but Tim told us about a secret project with something called FEV that the government was doing. Apparently, it could possibly be the reason behind extra large bugs. When we asked him where the rest of the vaultdwellers that had been with him were he told us they were either dead, dying, or pretending they weren't dying. He and Cindy had split up with the rest after coming to a disagreement on survival. He didn't specify and we didn't really care to ask.

I just wonder where Riley Harwood is... she was hot... not the brightest bulb in the vault but there weren't many choices. If it came down to repopulating the Earth I wouldn't hesitate... ha ha. Ah... but she's probably dead, or repopulating the Earth with one of these drunken looters. Such is life. Me and Jay sort of stuck together in the Vault, didn't get too chummy with anyone. Sure, we made friends, but every once in a while we'd remind each other that eventually we'll all have to go back outside and when we do friendships might not mean shit when there's only one scrap of food left and you're all starving. Oh well, enough nostalgia, on to the sights.

Tim was taking Cindy toward the nearby town, which we could see on the horizon. We're amid some farmland right now, Tim suggested we try to look for crops. No luck on that front, right now we're waiting for Tim and Cindy to get back. Hope nothing bad happened to them, or at least the girl, Tim always was kind of a dick. Still, the girl had a better chance if he was safe too, so for now I guess I have to root for him. Oh and don't go thinking I'm a heartless, callous bastard of the apocalypse. I'm just realistic. And realistically... I hate that guy. Shit Cindy's running over here