I was never so freaked out since the day the world went to shit. We must have moved into a populated area or something. When it was my turn to keep a watch during the night Jay told me to be extra vigilant because he had heard people somewhere nearby. How near exactly he couldn't say but he wasn't quite sure he wanted to leave me awake by myself. I told him not to worry and he was quickly snoring away. He was right, as soon as he woke me up I could hear people shouting in the distance. As I watched the empty, dark street and listened to the people I thought 'at least someone's having a good time.'

Also, as I sat there, I thought about how everyone left can't be all bad. Sure, there's bound to be heartless scavengers but there has to be peaceful groups of people that have banded together and held up their community and assisted one another. Maybe these good people even took in people like us. Then I thought of the Vault, it's supplies were nearly tapped but it would be a good place to call home. It was strong and relatively secluded in a cliff.

After about ten minutes I heard the partying group getting closer. Shouts became louder and I could hear them anything they could find that wasn't already smashed. Jay had left me with the pistol and I tightened my grip on it. I leaned forward to get a better view out the window. After a few minutes I saw six dark figures ambling through the street from the right side. One was carrying a bat or something and swinging it at everything he passed, cars, lightpoles, trash cans, etc. One of them threw his head back and chugged some beer, I assume, and then threw the bottle at a house.

"We should find some good bitches," one had grunted and I just barely heard him. When another told him there weren't many left he said something about not wanting to look at burnt up porno all his life. They talked about all of their 'needs' and told that guy that he wasn't the only one. The porno guy mentioned attacking people and "taking a little something extra." The others mentioned how no one lives in small groups but rather everyone's trying to come together and rebuild. Then porno guy complained about how stupid it was to try to go back to the way it used to be. That was the last thing I heard, though, before they got too far away.

From what I had heard, though, all my recent questions had been answered. There were people out there trying to form new communities and aid one another. Also, I felt kind of silly having been so freaked out by all the shouting in the distance because they turned out to be just a bunch of drunken assholes. Still, it was creepy when all I could hear was hillbilly hollering in the distance. It reminded me of a sick, twisted movie where the devilishly handsome and funny lead character gets flayed by some mutated mountain man. Well, we'll be setting out soon, heading south, away from either direction the drunks went last night. I proposed following them a bit, at least going in that direction since they mentioned finding people. Jay reminded me that that had just been porny's idea and they were probably heading to their scum hole home. I realized he was right so we travelled through some yards and, as the morning wore on, we saw a thin column of smoke on the horizon.