The night passed with relative unease. Jay woke me up at... well fuck if I know what time. We've just been watching out the windows for I don't know how long now. He's humoring me and letting me write this for now, who knows what kind of shit we'll get into, maybe I won't even want to keep up with this thing.

Jay pried a piece of wood from the wall, plenty of people seemed to have come through and already done the same. It's pretty thick and he even drove a nail through it for a little extra kick. I dunno if I'm ready to start stabbing people with nails but I guess they'd kill me just as soon as I hesitated to kill them. As far as my own weapon, I've got my club here, I also have a knife from way back before all this happened. I might use it to carve one end of this piece of wood into a spear type deal, just in case.

Jesus, group of people just went by, Jay spotted 'em out the window and told me to duck, even though I've been sitting over here writing. Must've been people like the one's that attacked our group, they were loud and didn't seem to care if anyone knew they were out there, meaning they must have been well armed or just stupid. Most likely both. Heard them smashing some stuff too, luckily they didn't come to our place so we're safe for now. Jay said that he saw that most of them were armed with rifles. I guess the world isn't as good as that Vault-tec BS made it out to be.

It's later now, we're still hiding out for now. This would be a whole lot easier if the guy with the radio hadn't ran in the opposite direction when we were attacked. That fucker is probably back with the overseer and whoever else made it tucked away back in the vault. Maybe if we manage to stay alive we can wander back there and see what's what. A part of me hopes that, at least if we go through shit out here, that we'd find that door wide open and no one inside. I don't wanna be the only clueless fucker out here trying not to die. Well, my brother's here, that's all that counts. Well, his muscle also counts, I couldn't have chosen a better brother to ride out the apocalypse with. And yeah, I think apocalypse fits this, nothing seems to be left but chaos and insanity.

Me and Jay are starting to get headaches, we're hoping it's just being outside the vault all of a sudden but there's always the chance that we're slowly being irradiated. Sure, it's not enough to kill us, at least anytime soon, but there was just the faintest tick on the geiger meters. It's at least enough to bring on a migraine and what feels like a stomach ache. That kind of shit can really distract you when your trying to survive. We're running low on food supplies too, we didn't have much to begin with. Each person carried enough for three days, four or five if you rationed, just in case THIS happened.

Shit someones outside