Ten years ago, IT happened, the "Great War." Our mom died a few years ago, I'm kind of glad she won't have to go back into the world with the rest of us. She got to die peacefully of natural causes in the Vault's medical wing. As for the Vault, well, I could complain about the claustraphobic quarters and the cold, tomb-like atmosphere but what right have I got? I can only imagine what it will be like outside. Me and my brother, Jason, have been talking, we're sure that if it's too bad these people are gonna panic and stampede back into the vault like a herd of maddened animals. We also thought about how we could get back in amidst the confusion. Of course, we realized getting back in would be unlikely, once that door shut only the fucking Overseer and his highest staff know how to get it back open.

Anyway, I decided to start keeping this again since this is a big event. This will be our last night in the vault. Here's to hoping we don't die of radiation poisoning.

It's noon, we've broken up into scavenging parites, just searching the area for anything. I don't actually know what we're trying to find. Food? Shelter? People? I dunno how determined I am to find survivors. Ten years is a long time, if any one has survived out here I'm sure that the second they see a bunch of skittish vault dwellers carry a bunch of stuff they'll attack. Our geiger counters aren't showing much radiation and the area seems relatively in tact. Must not have been too many bombs dropped near here. I wish we still weren't tied to the rest of these people. For now we're stuck with the Overseers orders of sticking together and searching. Me and Jay would really like to see what's left of our old home. Well, breaks over, we're heading out again, we'll see what happens.

Well, I got my wish, we're back home but not under ideal circumstances. I was right in my suspicions that people out here have gone fucking crazy. Our group was ambushed by a bunch of guys with guns and bats and shit. Jay's a big guy, he would have tried to take them on, guns or no guns, but I got him to take off with me. I think a few of the others died, maybe two of them, the rest scattered like us. Anyway, we made our way to our house, it's still standing but I'm feeling a little nervous under this big, heavy, life-threatening roof. Jay's asleep now, we had to use what little bit of camping stuff we had to make some bedding, most of our old stuff has been looted. They left the bed frames at least, and someone left a nice healthy deuce in the upstairs toilet for us to find, too. Well, I'm gonna try and get some sleep, writing this isn't helping me get any more tired only making me worry more about whether or not this place is gonna fall over next time the wind blows. And so ends day one outside the Vault. It's been everything I could have hoped for in a nuclear holocaust.