The reason for the Hate and disgust of the Enclave.

Firstly your group helped lead the world to Nuclear Armageddon then: Abandoned it for 159 years! (That’s when the Military Base operation was carried out to retrieve samples of FEV.) You’re unwelcome in the wastes because in the guise of Liberty, Freedom, and America, you instead came with Genocide, Bigotry and Fascist Plutocracy. That is the reason for the loathing and disgust you experience.

You’re the only ones? Why?

We, our race, only us… this is a common thought among the group known as the Enclave. After all, how any other groups beside yours could and/or should save themselves and others?

What victories? These.

Which victory are you glorifying? The Nuclear one you used to try destroy the idea of communism (because everyone knows that the only way to get rid of an idea is with violence), and succeeded in destroying the common men of America the world. Or perhaps the war for the reemergence of ”Pure Humanity”. As if this concept of the rebirth of civilization was being blocked by some force or group. NO it was ignorance, arrogance and bigotry that kept civilization from reemerging. Furthermore your definition of “pure Human” is subjective to your clique only. This is something to which your Political Policy and History have proven time and time again, and cannot be denied.

Your claim that the NCR has dictated the Enclaves actions.

The NCR (est.2186) has never dictated your past, only you have done this. Your group alone has decided its own policies and actions for what now has to be close to at least 204 years.

Your “LIES”, your disloyal…

Just because deserters discredit your organization doesn’t automatically decree that everything they say about you is a lie. I’ll give some examples:

I used to serve with the Enclave. Then I realized it wasn't the USA I was fighting for; it was for the rich old bastards who didn't want to give up their power. I deserted and now I live here with more honest people.A. Ron Meyers
I'm sorry to say that it was. Civilian casualties was acceptable and sometimes... encouraged. My former squadmate Moreno didn't need encouraging.Cannibal Johnson
Memories being short around here, not a whole lot of people remember them. But they did bad things. Terrorized communities, kidnapped people.Arcade Gannon
Only to obfuscate my past association with a fascist paramilitary organization.— Arcade Gannon

And if refusing to follow a government that either bastardized or abandoned their own Constitution completely, just to make what they have and will continue to do legal then it is you who are disloyal. Seditious to the government you claim to be.

Your… “rewards.”

The only rewards for following this path are Failure and needless Death. Yet you claim that your rewards are your services to the country. But do you even know your country? Do you know its people? No you don’t. 159 years of abandonment have left you distant to the plight to the average wastelander and oblivious to the act of true governance. And what of the land itself? Your group is estranged to the irradiated wastes that you helped create.

Soft Minds…. Where the Pity truly lies.

I have pity on those who are born beneath our banner, for they will never know the TOUCH of greatness... as we do.

Those who truly deserve the pity are those already under your banner. For after all the propaganda, the genocide, and the gross incompetence in leadership, they are still so indoctrinated they are willing to lay down their lives for your fascist plutocracy to continue. You claim that the NCR is seditionist and dissident because they formed a rival republic, but is it truly seditionist if there was NO continuity of government for say about 109 years? (2077-2186) That the (at least) century long power vacuum doesn't warrant some sort of rebirth of governance? What the NCR says about your actions is the truth. However if you even bothered to act like the rebuilding democracy you claim you are, somewhere… anywhere in the nation you see as yours alone you might not have been seen as a hostile invading force. Yet you still have the gall to claim that any government that actually does the job of governance other than yourselves is evil.

Would you have us embrace the very thing that rejected us? Would you make us, lay down our rifles!? And surrender our armor, stark naked, before a force, that wishes only death for us!?

No, no one is expecting you to embrace competition or lie down and surrender to death, but you could have and still might avoid this fate.

The needed reeducation…

After all you have been through as a people you still fall back on your baser instincts. You choose hate over understanding. Why give into spite when it brings you nothing but weakness? Why choose to brainwash and “expunge” (exterminate) the people… your own people who disagree with your policies? Your policies have accomplished nothing good for you, the Enclave. You always claim victory is “imminent,” but is it really? In the 41 years you have been following your destructive policies all you have managed to do is kill an innumerable amount of people, and retreat from one semi-derelict fortification to another across the continent.

The path you have chosen...

If you are truly rebuilding America, then how could you believe that there is virtue in genocide? Nothing good has come from your bloodshed, your war, and your extermination attempts. So why continue down this dark path? America was not built on this path of hatred and destruction; it was built on the fact "that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.."

The moment you abandon that tenet you’re abandoning America.

The path of invasion.

Colonization, invasion, expansion can you honestly say that no group has done this when the appropriate needs arises? That the Enclave has not done so as well? You call the various groups of the wasteland, the factions and settlements of the mainland invaders but are they are not.

The definition of invasion is: An instance of invading a country or region with an armed force; An incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity.

By this definition the Enclave are more invaders than the NCR, the BoS, and any of the other various wasteland settlements. Before the Great War your group not only left the mainland behind, but also abandoned America to shelter yourselves from the nuclear annihilation you helped sow. After a long period of dormancy you finally decided to reemerge, to invade the wastes. It was you who slaughtered the week, and seized their property. It was you that cast this shadow upon yourself. If you had bothered to use diplomacy, civility you would have met with far less resistance.

The only way to win…

The only way for America to reemerge is for the people of the continent to adhere to the Constitution of the United States. To truly re-found the nation, not to be the subjects of the descendants of Éminence grise of a re-emerging nation. Yes this Constitutional adherence also applies to you The Enclave. You are not anymore American or special than the descendants of the survivors of the Great War. Only through conjoining, cooperation, perseverance, understanding, intelligence, and hard work can we truly rebuild the nation.

Quaere Verum!