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  • Ant2242

    A Treatise by Quaere Verum

    January 13, 2013 by Ant2242

    The oncoming storm…

    No, no one is saying that you, the Enclave, launched the first salvo of nuclear armaments. What we said is that you had helped both create and flourish the path of paranoia and self-destruction of the world, for your own personal gains. The United States Foreign policy which you helped create (as the Éminence grise of America), with its non-negotiation and overall hostile mentality with the world would help lead to the Abandonment UN when the UN needed the support most. As a result of this mentality one by one its member nations withdrew from the United Nations causing the commencement of the Resource Wars.

    With this limited nuclear war the world had seen the future of its policies. However at this point, the nations that wer…

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  • Ant2242

    The reason for the Hate and disgust of the Enclave.

    Firstly your group helped lead the world to Nuclear Armageddon then: Abandoned it for 159 years! (That’s when the Military Base operation was carried out to retrieve samples of FEV.) You’re unwelcome in the wastes because in the guise of Liberty, Freedom, and America, you instead came with Genocide, Bigotry and Fascist Plutocracy. That is the reason for the loathing and disgust you experience.

    You’re the only ones? Why?

    We, our race, only us… this is a common thought among the group known as the Enclave. After all, how any other groups beside yours could and/or should save themselves and others?

    What victories? These.

    Which victory are you glorifying? The Nuclear one you used to try destroy the …

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  • Ant2242

    My Game Ideas

    November 13, 2012 by Ant2242

    • After you use a Skill Book, it can be sold for high trade value. Also number them into volumes.
      • Ditto skill magazines., just at about the same value.
    • Add the various vocations in towns that would eventually spring up after an extended period of time without advanced production facilities. Ex. Blacksmith, Butcher, Recycling (paper, glass, metal) et c...
    • Most remote areas of the world are logically less devastated after the nuclear holocaust.
    • Give the Assault rifle (Fallout: New Vegas) a military designation (M12A1? R9000?).
      • Matter of fact, give all military weapons a military designation.
      • Add the ability to manipulate the stocks and scopes of weapons. Ex. Assault Carbine (F:NV)'s butt stock, Cranked Gauss Rifle butt.
    • With a high enough sneak skil…

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  • Ant2242

    GECK dailoge

    August 22, 2012 by Ant2242

    Does anyone know how to get the complete dailogue from the GECK? I wish to do a dialogue project to get rid of the This/That person references. ForEx. See Timeline.

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  • Ant2242

    Fallout 3's in game clock ends?

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