• Anjohl

    5 Months in the Wasteland...

    September 17, 2011 by Anjohl

    I bought my xbox console almost solely to play Fallout 3. I first purchased the game on Steam a year or so ago, but have never owned a PC powerful enough to run it. So, when I finally gave in and bought the console, I was happy to have a no-BS way to finally experience Fallout 3.

    And what an experience it's been thus far! My Mutton-chopped Lone Wanderer is a lot like I would picture myself to be, though definitely a tag more virtuous, and a tad less opportunistic (just a tad though; Unguarded Missle launcher? Why thanks!). Travelling the wastelands with my trusty Chinese Assault Rifle, and Dogmeat behind me, I have tried to by and large to help anyone that I felt had been wronged.

    Always short on ammo, always low on health, I traversed …

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