I can't believe some of you aren't accepting of what others have to add. I actually joined this site to put in my "two caps" worth, but all things I've edited have been completly deleted. So instead I'll just write write-up my own discoveries and ideas on this blog. Feel free to hit me up, comment, and correct me on any errors I may bring up.

  • First in Fallout: New Vegas, I was confused as to why i wasn't going up a full experience level when I took the "Here and Now" perk. I also had the "Skilled" trait from 'Old World Blues' add-on. So I reloaded my last save and tried it again, Still didn't go up a full level. I reloaded again figuring it wasnt necessary at that point and time so grabbed a different perk. Then at level 12 I decided to try "Here and Now" again. For a third time I did not gain a full Level of experience.
  • After starting another file I got to Level 10 without the 'Skilled' trait, I went up a full level. It finally struck me that 'Skilled' gives -10% loss to ALL experience earned, including that from "Here and Now."