• Here's a potentially useful perk combination: 'Nerd Rage' and 'Pack Rat'. Granted combining them right after the other can be an issue because of the skill requirements for both of them are a bit high, but this can be out-weighed by the benefits. Sure you can just take 'Long Haul' but you still won't move a quickly while overencumbered. However if your 'Nerd Rage' is active you carry a total of 250 pounds of potential Cap earning inventory, plus if a decent chunk of those items are 2 pounds or less, then 'Pack Rat' cuts that to let you carry even more. In addition to this you could take 'Strong Back' or 'Burden to Bear' as well as the 'Hoarder' trait.
  • Another benefit to this combination is if you spent your SPECIAL points on your character in attribute other than Strength, you can get all that potential back.
  • Or if you intend to to pick 'Intense Training' a few times or another SPECIAL bonus you can spend it something else instead, Luck maybe...