As I read several of these articals I notice that there are an abundundant amount of references to 'The Official Game Guide' namely the ones for Fallout3 and New Vegas. I think an Offical guide is very useful, considering the fact I wouldn't need to go onto my computer for help or tips all the time. Except for one major and rather sad flaw, the Official Guides for Fallout and New Vegas are BOTH made by Prima. In all the guides I have bought from Prima have had many errors due to either ignorance, lack of proper research, or poor editing.

  • Pokemon Emerald: many items are priced wrong, some are located different spot than stated, and Mudkip is NOT a Water/ Ground type.
  • Animal Crossing: Items are mispriced, alot
  • New Vegas: could not get past the perks pages. It was poorly organized and and the SPECIAL pages had information that came directly from the game itself or the booklet that came in the case. Returned the book next day for full price.
In short, Prima sucks! Go online or buy from someone else.