I'm working on a fanfiction story nemed "The Adventures of McCarran Group" wich is a group of NCR Troppers based in Camp McCarran wich are chosen for some missions. During that missions the group is always intercepted by some Fiends and other Wasteland groups, but at the end they work all together to avoid disasters.

Maybe the fanfiction will be realesed in July or August of this year. For those who like fanfictions you'll love this one =D

here's a little description about the McCarran Group:

The NCR McCarran Group is Andrew's usual work group at Camp McCarran, the group consists of six people each with different abilities that are essential for the missions:

  • Andrew Vieira: He's the "Geek" of the group due to its capacity of Science, he can open doors or perform some tasks from a terminal.
  • Monica Sandders: better known as "Doctor Sandy" she's one of the most essential members due to her huge ability in Medicine.
  • John Furry: when there is no other way to open a door or a container, John's always there to open it with his ability of Lockpicking.
  • Sharon Williams: Sneak and Guns are Sharon's strongest abilities, she's better known as "Cat of the Night" or "Night Cat".
  • Richard Louis: He's very knowledgeable how to Repair all sort of things like Weapons or Equipments, he's also a Energy Weapons fanatic helping the group with some "energy".

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