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    The Breatish Return

    July 3, 2017 by Andrew03

    So the breatish sitting on their isle recuperated and some commmie became a monarchist and became a ruler of a pourt neer London. They were havin some sort of ship show on the weekand of the Great War and it happened to be a droudnout. So this commie was exposed for being a commie so to maintain power he made a grand ordeal about restoring the droudnout and somehow the communaty agreed and work started. The commie saw a pre war book on christofor Columbia and got inspired to go to Murcia and forgot about Kanada. He also had a two-pew-pew boat fixed and sent with the Droudnout to Murcia. The commie was the couptin of the ship and had 600 soldiers aboard. They used the two-pew-pew boat to scout the coast and Boaston had the USS Constitution …

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  • Andrew03


    May 17, 2017 by Andrew03

    I got grounded for two weeks from Xbox and I really want to buy Prey with some gift cards.

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  • Andrew03


    December 26, 2016 by Andrew03


    It is Christmas today and I am tired. I hope if you celebrated Christmas everything went well. If you wonder why I titled this post CCSTK then I will tell you. FIRST!, CCSTK is Cool Cat Saves The Kids. SECOND!, that is my profile picture. This was not worth it, ok.

    Andrew03 (talk)

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  • Andrew03

    Bethesda, Please Fix This

    December 23, 2016 by Andrew03

    Dear Bethesda,

    Ok, so I just took Kingsport Lighthouse for the raiders and planted a flag. So if you didn't know, Kingsport has HOSTILE Children of Atom there and the KILL traders and scavengers. So I figured Preston wouldn't care. Well I saved because I had to win a Cait speech check and fast travelled to Sanctuary. Btw, I had like 7 settlements or more for the minuteman as well as winning the battle for the Castle. So Preston Garvey with his Patrolman sunglasses I gave him was mad. Idk really why he would be. So I reloaded to that Cait save and killed all of the raiders there and fast travelled to Sanctuary. He was hostile! WHY would he be hostile? Well he can't die and no one else in Sanctuary cared! So I reloaded and did the first route…

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  • Andrew03


    September 29, 2016 by Andrew03

    Wolfenstien is an amazing game and has the first first-person-shooter. I have 2009 and TNO. Planning on Old Blood. Also, TNO and Old Blood are Bethesda games. Others are I.D.. LOL I rambled. I really want the Old Blood.

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