Well after getting up at 5:00 am and waiting another hour for it to download, I was able to thoroughly play Old World Blues. When I finished, I definitely thought it was worth the wait. With other Fallout dlcs there was always this fault that would lower the quality of the experience for me (mind you, most were still exceptional). With OWB, there were very little I disliked; in fact it had everything I ever wanted in a Fallout dlc. The weapons (while quite silly) were quite unique and actually fun to use. It also helped that there were quite a few variants with interesting effects. The armor selections may have been a bit small but the boosts were for once actually helpful (I especially enjoyed the upgradable stealth armor). The enemies were actually quite varied and the ones not introduced by the dlc were spruced up enough to identifiable from their main game counterparts (the giant roboscorpion boss battle was actually quite fun and required more thought in order to defeat). I found the environment quite pleasing to the eye and they did well on not recycling too many assets (or at least blending them in a way as to make it harder to notice). I was very fond of the characters as they each had distinct personalities and top notch voice actors with great dialogue. I actually enjoyed my conversation with Dr. Mobious and would actually liked to have spoken with him in real life. The story didn't have too much depth but the twist in the climax was handled very well. However, there were two aspects of OWB that really caught my attention: the humor and the Sink. Based on the trailer I knew that OWB was going to be a bit strong on the comedy but I was pleasantly surprised when I actually played. From the "penis hand" misconception with Dr. Kliener to the Anticommunist test school announcements delivered by an enthusiastic Dr. Bourous to even a conversation with your own brain, there were plenty of memorable moments. There are many reasons why I loved the Sink: If you took the time to find them there were plenty of upgrades that helped greatly, each device had a distinct personality which provided a useful service (I especially loved the neurotic Muggy), and the teleporter actually made it practical to use as a home base. Last but not least, I really enjoyed the ending (mind you I saved everyone and completed almost everything). The last panel (which I will assume is default) had an especially haunting message which I found myself enjoying more than the main game's ending. Like I said before, I was really impressed by the quality of this dlc and felt satisfied when I was finished. Does anyone else have any thoughts or likes/dislikes about OWB?