Mainly, this is just a way for me to keep track of ideas for a fan-fiction I recently started on and to make it easier for people to get the gist of what I'm trying to write when I ask for creative input. As I said, this is more of a conceptual stage and is more than likely subject to change.

Basic Setting:

-Currently takes place 5 years after the second battle of Hoover Damn (2287).

-Courier went for the independent NV, Yes-Man and such. Sided neither with the NCR or Legion though was diplomatic in his dealings with them. Simply a background character really and is only mentioned.

-Legion and NCR suffered major losses, Legion more-so than NCR. By 2287, both are in decline.

-Intending it to place around California and Nevada, since this is essentially my conception stage I haven't really thought about the locations.

-A new gang, known as the "Faceless Ones" has started to rise in power with both the Legion and NCR in decline though the Courier manages to keep them out of the Vegas region.

Story background:

The story mainly revolves around a former NCR ranger (still working on names). Born to a former tribal Father and a Follower of the Apocalypse mother, he learned how to survive off the land and how to be a capable medic. After his parents are killed by a slaver band, he's promptly enslaved and is brutally treated for months until he is liberated by the NCR. He ends up enlisting in the army and rises through the ranks to the point he is able to start training to become a NCR Ranger. While one trainee is initially hostile and extremely competitive towards him, she eventually warms up to him and they form a relationship. Once they complete their training and become full-fledged Rangers, she is grievously hurt during a mission together. While she survives, she ends up losing her leg and is no physically able to preform her duties as a Ranger. They eventually marry and settle down in a town similar to Goodsprings in NCR territory. He later finds out the governor of his region has been using a raider band as his own personal enforcers and allows certain areas to be ransacked for his profit. He attempts to go to the capital to do something about it but the govenor is tipped off. After a failed assassination attempt, he's framed for murder and forced to flee. He attempt to return as fast as possible, only to find the town massacred and his wife brutally murdered. After almost going insane from rage, he tracks down and mercilessly kills the raiders that attacked the town. Having nothing much else to live for and being branded a criminal by the NCR he becomes a drifter, a shadow of his former self, thus setting up the current story. Most of what I've just listed will be told in various flashbacks throughout the story.