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Roland Thorne

Physical Characteristics:

• Deceptively thin build

• Was at one point at peak physical condition, but age and neglect have taken their toll

• Body covered with scars at various places

• Most notably, a large claw mark near the abdomen, various gunshot wounds, and numerous cuts on both arms

• Features a tattoo of the NCR Ranger insignia on his left shoulder, a close approximation of the 1st Recon on his right

• A somewhat large burn scar covers a good portion of the right side of his already haggard face

• Left eye is dead and cloudy due to an injury caused by what appears to be a knife or similar blade

• Dark bags under his murky, green eyes due to stress and lack of sleep

• What was once brown hair is now graying due to age. Hair is also unkempt and stringy because of neglect

• Facial hair is in a similar state, growing into a medium full beard

• Teeth are yellowed due to years of heavy drinking, smoking, and a general lack of hygiene.

• Walks with a noticeable limp due to a leg injury, though it does not significantly affect his performance


• A very world-weary outlook on life, but hasn’t quite given up

• Quick to anger, can be driven to a homicidal rage under certain circumstances

• Exhibits mildly sadistic tendencies, takes satisfaction in causing pain towards those he thinks “deserve it”

• Believes “Evil should be paid with evil”

• While not a death seeker, the only reason he continues to live is that he believes he doesn’t “deserve to die”

• Shows signs of extreme PTSD, plagued by constant nightmares of past events which have only worsened with time

• Known to be a heavy drinker, which has caused him to end up in less than favorable situations

• Many people have an initial aversion towards him due to his disheveled appearance and gruff attitude