Chapter 1.'[An Unsettling Adventure Begins]Far from the deep city of Washington D.C. lies an old aged museum that stood there since the pre war.before the atomic bombs ravaged the land into smoldering debris of concrete inside this museum lies a utopia of ghouls.In this museum lives a young woman by the name of Bella Sinclair who wish to travel out in the wasteland like the stories of the vault dwellers who did before her this is her unexpected adventure...[Bella]But father I wish to explore the wasteland to find fortune and fame across the plain to become famous.along side Bella her Father Augustus Sinclair a wealthy ghoul who made it big for selling drugs on the caravan market he concocts them to sell.His most popular drug that he created that is best seller among travelers is called ultra flex a powerful unique drug that enables the user to move in an increase rate for running dodging and superb reflexes of hindsight.However the drug is fatal for those who consume to much of causing cardiac arrest and killing the user to no avail.[Augustus]Im sorry my dear but you cannot go out there its far to dangerous I don't know why you want to follow some silly dream from those damn vault dwellers who get there fame by doing great deeds.[Bella]You don't understand father these vault dwellers are the beacon of hope to those who are dealing with these horrid is them who led so much inspiration to follow on to there footsteps if it wasn't for them the wasteland would still be a cold dark place with more killing and stealing with no morals put to it.[Augustus]True but I cannot bare to lose another not after what your mother went through she risk her life to go out to venture in the wastes to look for food and make money by doing things im not happy about she sell her body to damn perverted bastards for caps.I don't want to see you go through the same fate she did my dear your mother was killed for things like that because some god damn smooth skin raider put a bullet to her head.just as soon Augustus said those unsettling words Bella begins to shed tears from her eyes knowing that she dislike having to hear the death of her beloved mother.[Augustus]Look Bella im sorry I didn't mean it like that come her love.Augustus approached Bella and gave her a warming embrace forgiving her on what he said to her about her mother.[Augustus]If it means that much to you then I suppose you are ready but promise me don't follow the same fate your mother did I want to make things that are right for you.[Bella]Think your father I promise I will keep myself safe from the horrid world out there now I must go and pack my things.Bella made her way up to the elevator press the buttons to begin the machine and soon was in her room beginning her departure of her home.[Bella]Now wheres that silly Mr. Damon...DAMON!.The loud name summoned a Mr. Handy that just woke up for its daily routine cycles the robot coverd with rust and grime from aging as it is about to fall apart any day now.[Sir Damon]Yes Ma'dam how can I be of assist today?.[Bella]Find me my gear im heading off to the wasteland.[Mr.Damon]Yes ma'dam right away.the helpful robot searched across the room to find a slouched leather armor that belong to her grand father that fought in the great mutant raid of 2144 an old pip boy that belonged to an unlucky vault dweller that died shortly out in the wastes and finally her lucky pistol name bulls she maker her way back to the elevator down the 1st floor as soon as the door creaks open from rust she sees all her friends and family gatherd to say goodbye to her.[Augustus]My dear Bella since you are about to leave I gatherd everyone here to partake some gifts for you on your this is all the things you need to begin your journey to walk the path to fine fame and fortune.[Bella]Wow thanks every! this will be most helpful again thank you.Bellas father walked up to her and gave her an old amulet inscribed inside was to my dear Bella may you wear this to remember me by I may be gone but I will always be in your heart.To be continue Alduin_Ova