So, I've been a fan of the series ever since I bought Fallout about three years or so ago. Imagine my surprise, when I loved the details, everything about it. I really liked the Armored Vault Suit, though. Something about it that just piqued my interest. It just... fit. Well. Well, I play Fallout 2 and loved that even more. I played Fallout 3, and imagine my love for the new textures and awesomely detailed graphics, just added to imagination. Imagine my disappointment, when I find out the Armored Vault Suit wasn't going to be in New Vegas.

I was really sad that such an icon wasn't going to be in what was one of the best Western RPG's to date. I knew I wasn't going too get that suit by pre-ordering, more broke then a jet junkie. So I buy a copy of Fallout: New Vegas, going into this with glee. I open my case after I walk out the store...

... And I see the verification ad and code for the Armored Vault 13 suit.

In short, to mark my first blog post, I got extremely lucky. Not to mention, it was the original Vault Dweller's Suit! I pretty much was really happy.

So... Happy Trails!~