Hi folks,

I don't pretend to speak from any position of authority here but given what's going on, I thought a wrap up digest of the immediate aftermath was in order. Since my other posts so far on the forums seem to be getting an okay response from the community, I thought I better be the one to wrap so far.

As indicated in the last digest, either "The Vault" has left this location or been forked. I don't see any reason why people can't choose to contribute on both sites; I haven't fully decided my future yet and it could mean visiting both. However, other recent community splits on Wikia have left some bad blood and encouraged bad behavior. I personally think the Fallout Community in general is a bit more mature than most so hopefully we won't see a repeat. In the meantime, it may be worthwhile if we all check the recent changes page every now and then just to be on the lookout for vandals and edit wars - especially as we may be a few light in the admin team.

Speaking of which, I've respectfully asked those of you with ranks like Bureaucrat, Admin, Moderator or just plain rollback rights to let yourselves be known in the continuity of operations thread here.

This will allow those of you on the admin team to know who is "here" so any gaps can be filled; and to allow us regular users to know who it's worth hassling for help.

For those of you who have read Ausir's message (and perhaps more so in the comments), you'll know that there is some dispute over the ownership of the name and brand of this site. It seems for now at least the prior "Vault Cog" Logo has been replaced. Could I suggest anyone seeing any image which uses this logo or a derivative of it please report it to one of the active admins for removal/replacement?

As for the name of this wiki there is a community consultation going on for a possible temporary change to the official title of this wiki in lie with current Wikia internal branding (ie: Fallout Wiki) here.

This consultation is scheduled to close on the 29th for admin consideration.

Permanent re-branding is being discussed in the previous "Continuity of Operations" thread and here.

Finally, keeping with the apocalyptic tone, I'll leave you with a link to a recording of what the end of the world might sound like. Unfortunately, it seems the heralds of doom are the Partridge Family. On 20 February 1971, a mistake caused an intended test of the US Emergency Broadcast system to instead trigger an alert status. WOWO-AM in Fort Wayne recorded the event for posterity.