Wiki News Digest 20 Jan 2012 - The Logo Vote Opens.

Agent c January 20, 2012 User blog:Agent c

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Welcome to the Wiki News Digest, Brought to you by Nukapedia... Nukapedia, apply daily to get that special glow.

In this edition:

The Logo Vote OpensEdit

The logo vote has been suspended until further notice/pending a further announcement.

From the administrative EnclaveEdit

There's some big changes afoot in in the Admin team.

Rank ChangesEdit

In order to help clarify the duties, rights and responsibilities of people joining the Administrative Enclave team, some new ranks have been included to allow potential recruits to better state how they want to help the wiki out. This will avoid confusion created where some moderators were seen negatively as they only wished to use some of the rights granted, not all rights.

The new rank system is (from highest to lowest)

Requirements: Community vote, Admin Rank
Key Duties: As admin role, but also can promote users to Admin.

Requirements: 1000 Qualifying Edits, Community vote
Key Duties: Page Deletion, Protection, Wiki-level Bans, and and as all lower ranks

Requirements: 500 Qualifying Edits, Community vote
Key Duties: Combination the 2 lower ranks

Requirements: 250 Qualifying Edits, application to bureaucrat (No Vote required)
Key Duties: Rollback with 1 click, and can mark edits as patrolled

Chat Moderator
Requirements: 100 Total Edits (of which at least 50 must be qualifying edits), Community vote, Endorsement from an Administrator
Key Duties: Policing Chat, including the ability to ban from chat

All ranks must also have been active for at least 2 months (with the exception of Patroller, which is reduced to 1 month), and for Moderator and higher ranks must have no failed requests in the past 2 months.

"Qualifying Edits" are those in the article, category or template namespaces. Blog posts/comments, talk pages and forum pages don't count.

New MembersEdit

ToCxHawk has succeeded in his vote to become a (full) moderator.

Votes in ProgressEdit

SigmaDelta, GarouxBloodline and TwoBearsHighFiving have applied for promotion to Administrator.

Miss Nicolle has also applied, for the new Chat Moderator rank.

Please click on the names above to have your say.

Wiki News Digest - Have your sayEdit

I'm interested in your opinions on the Wiki News Digest, its future direction and its current performance. Please feel free to join the discussion here


Relic of the war that wasn'tEdit

This edition's relic is a reader request - and is possibly one of the wierdest things I've ever heard - so weird parts of it were mistaken for an April Fools joke when declassified.

What has feathers, clucks like a chicken, glows in the dark weighs 7.2 tonnes and was designed to bring distruction to Soviet troops and large parts of Germany? No, its not some giant mutant man eating chicken - its a nuclear mine!

In preperation for what seemed at the time like the eventual Soviet invasion of (west) Germany, Brittish army boffins (thats brainy folk to the non Brits out there) came up with an interesting plan to stop the soviet offensive. 10 Kiltoton mines (blast power quivalent to roughly half of Nagasaki's) would be buried within western Germany - should the British ever need to pull out in response to a soviet offensive, an 8 day timer would be set - 8 days later Large parts of Germany would become near impossible for the soviets to hold.

The device however had some flaws, one being keeping critical temperature sensative components warm... It was planned that a live chicken (complete with enough food and water until it became the worlds most fried chicken ever) would be inserted in the device to keep these parts warm (through its body temperature).

The project was abandoned as the dangers of fallout became clearer, and it became less diplomatically viable to advocate the distruction of large parts of an ally through nuclear weapons.

Yes, I know this sounds like a joke - but to quote a UK Civil Service spokesperson "the Civil Service does not joke". Just goes to show that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Wikipedia with more; my thanks to MetalFrenchToast for the tip. If you have a suggestion, do as MetalFrenchToast did, and drop me a line.

Your next Wiki News DigestEdit

Is now scheduled to coincide with many of the admin vote poll closures, Jan 26.

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