Welcome to the Wiki News Digest, Brought to you by Nukapedia: If you're only going to visit one wiki this year... a second one can't hurt, surely.

In this edition:

Early Closure explanation

Some of you may have had some questions about why the Logo vote was forced to close early. I am sorry for having to cut the process short, but unfortunately there was a degree of disruption that threatened to over-spill into other parts of the wiki. Rather than risk further disruption and conflict, I and a couple of admins decided it would be for the best if the logo contest was changed from a open poll, to a shorter process where KingClyde (our resident bureaucrat) made a decision instead.

I'm sorry if this has disappointed you in any way, but given the recent split, a number of us thought it was for the best that we cut the process short in order to protect the wiki and community as a whole.

On the positive side, we did have a number of great entrants, 17 in the Main Nukapedia logo category in total, and as you've probably already noticed by looking in the top left corner a winner has been selected.

The Winner


A large number of entries followed the same basic concept - that of a bottlecap, with most in a birds eye view of the cap; so even though one particular design from the bottlecaps was chosen I think all entrants who entered in a cap can take a little ownership from the win, as the caps did often inspire each other to make improvements and refinements on common designs.

The ultimate design chosen however was by our Number 1 editor himself, Jspoel. Here's what Clyde had to say about selecting this design:

I am stepping in and making an executive decision. I would like to first of all thank everyone who made a contribution to this contest and would like to reinforce that I make this decision with the good of the wikia in mind. I believe Jspoel's bottlecap is the simplest and smartest choice. It will appear similar to the vault door used previously and will thus add "brand familiarity" of a sort by maintaining a similar logo. Also his design and ready to go with a few minor edits. Once again, thanks to everyone for their entries and votes and let's keep this wiki as one of the best!— Kingclyde

Jspoel had to say this in victory:

Well. Looks like I'm a winner then. That great, but I'm glad to be able to say it was a community effort in the end. Thanks to Doc Incognito and Sirota54 for their work on the bottlecap idea. They deserve the most credit. I sort of combined their ideas. So thanks for that and for all the time and effort others have put into it. It's much appreciated. This executive decision has been the right one. Personally, a load has fallen of my chest and several other users now I think. I can direct my attention to editing once more and I hope you do the same. I'll see if I can get the wordmark into place today.— Jspoel

In addition, one of Doctor Incognito's Favicon designs is being adapted for use as well; and you can also see his work in the Strategic Nuclear Moose lgoo. I'd like to thank and congratulate all entrants again for their hard work.

New favicon

A quick update on the Favicon from Jspoel:

Breaking news! Did you all happen to notice the favicon changes in the past few days? We started with a pixelated Vault Boy, that was soon swiped off the table. After that Doc Incognito's bottlecap for a few hours and then I really put some work into it (J). Pixel by pixel I did an overhaul on the cap and here we have the final result!

Administrative enclave changes

Nomination results

Following your votes GarouxBloodline and TwoBearsHigh-Fiving have both been promoted to Administrator; Miss Nicolle has also joined the Enclave's ranks as the first Chatmod appointed under the new rules.

SigmaDelta Decided to withdraw from the process after placing his nomination.

New nominations

Because not only is voting your duty but fun also, you can now have your say on two chat moderator nominations; Nemesisx and myself have votes going. Nem's closes on Feb 1, and mine on Feb 2.

New Appointments

Limmiegirl has been appointed one of our first Patrollers.

From around the forums

There is a debate ongoing around wiki pages for 3 historical (real world) figures and the appropriateness of their place on the wiki. You can find out who they are and have your say [here].

RAM would like your say on some ideas he's had for changing how things appear on the front page, particularly the non-news feautres we usually include in the news. [Have your say here]

I didn't get much of a response to my future of the news digest page, so I'm going to phrase two questions here, and whould like to encourage any objections to be placed here. Are there any objections to me naming future news digests "Nukapedia News Digest" and including non-wiki Fallout news much like the tidbit newsposts used to cover? If so, please state so below.

New Feature - Strategic Nuclear Moose

Just a quick plug, if you haven't seen it already, the Strategic Nuclear Moose hopes to help relieve the boredom of the wastes, make sure you stop by and say hello.


Relics of the war that wasn't

Today's relic is a little close to home for some (particulary our new chat moderatrix). In 1984 the BBC showed a docudrama based on the concept of full nuclear war coming between NATO and the Soviet Union, focusing on a UK city and based on the current procedures in place for such an event. This was "Threads", and it brings home to us all just what exactly is likely to happen in the event of war, in particular to a city in Yorkshire (Leeds).

The youtube link I'm posting is just the first 10 mins or so so you can test it and see if you like it before committing 100 mins of your life to the whole thing, but if you want to view the whole thing without interuptions, its on Google's other video service, Google Video, in its entierty

Your Next Wiki News Digest

Will probably appear when my chat mod vote closes, Feb 2.