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This is the Wiki News Digest, brought to you by Nukapedia: If you just have to nuke something... Nuk-a-Pedia (but preferably not this one).

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Logo Vote Update

The Logo vote officially opens on 20 Jan, but here are some of the contenders.

NukaPedia Main Logo Category
Anon114NukapediaLogo3 FalloutWikiNewLogo FalloutWikiBullLogo copy FalloutWikiDesert FalloutWikiVaultBoy FalloutWikiBottlcapFalloutWikiBottle Nuka-Pedia bottlecap Mush Nukapedia2 NukaPedia Logo

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We're also accepting entries for any logo currently used on the wiki (such as polls, and other templates) - if you like the current logos in any category, don't dispair, you will be able to vote for no change.

Please get your entry in by 20 Jan if you want to join in. In the meantime, if you want to vote, please ensure you've a registered Wikia/Nukapedia account, and an edit somewhere on the wiki by 20 Jan so we can see a registration date - if you either are unregistered, or have a date after 20 Jan, your vote may not be counted.

Our budding artists are also fielding questions and taking your suggestions for improvement - we've seen a number of changes thanks to your suggestions, so don't be shy in giving your opinion (as long as it's constructive!).

There's been a query about possible issues with copyright regarding logos - I'm intending to be in touch with the Community Manager on the Bethesda forums to see if they have any guidance for us.

Moderator Request

ToCxHawK has nominated for Moderator. Please have your say before January 16. Seems like at the moment we're going to need another key to the Moderator lounge.

Elsewhere on the Forums

In response to some recent comments on the validity of "Game of the Year" awards, Nukapedia is running its own satirical GOTY contest in the "Off Topic" section of the fourms. Come join us and give us your wacky suggestion - the sillier and less deserving, the better!

Don't forget that there's all sorts of discussions going on all the time all over the forums - take a look, you might just learn something!

The Hole

If you haven't seen it already, make sure you check out The Hole where your favourite NPCs battle it out for your admiration and amusement.

Project V13

This is a question from me, to the community. With the Settlement in Bethesda v Interplay, Interplay's Project V13 is up in the air as to whether or not it will continue given that it will not be a Fallout game.

Whilst other than as a historical view articles on V13 probably don't belong on here, given the involvement of a couple of Fallout Fathers, and the games genesis as a Fallout game, I was wondering if the community wanted to see continuing news coverage of the game - presuming of course it isn't cancelled now.

The comments are open as always below, if you want to see, or want me (and other news posters) to avoid this coverage, please state your opinion in the usual place.

Late breaking edit: The New Number 1 Editor

Jspoel has recently overtaken Porter's total edit record to become the user with the highest edit count - with 64,497 total edits across the wiki... By the time you read this he'll have probably hit 30,000 in the main article space alone. Stop by here to add your congratulations.

Relic of the war that wasn't, and wrapup

You unlock this door with the key of Imagination... beyond it is another dimension, a dimension of You Tube videos that aren't someone getting hurt in various amusing ways or some cute little kitty doing something adorable... This is the Twilight Zone... A very specific episode of the Twilight zone, involving an evacuation into a bomb shelter... Enjoy.

Parts 2 and three.

The Next Wiki News Digest

Will probably be published at the opening of polls, 20 January - same Nuka-place, same Nuka-channel. Agent c 00:16, January 13, 2012 (UTC)