In "November"'s issue of UK's PC Gamer (on shelves now) you'll find an Interview of Todd Howard as a counterpart to the obligatory Skyrim preview. Although he doesn't talk much about Fallout, the following quote may be of interest for those who fear that the series has been "Elder-Scroll-ized".

Interviewer: In Fallout 3 it felt like there was a lot more focus on putting unique content into just the wilderness, like every building you found...

Todd Howard: We did a ton in this, yup - and to a massive level. Literally hundreds of dungeons... We realised in Fallout 3 that this kind of environmental storytelling, where you come across a little scene, is really good. So we've tried to do it more.

Looks like the door swings both ways - with Fallout now influencing Elder Scrolls.

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