I came up with a name for a British Continuity group (like the Enclave claim to be) on Leon's New Moose page "The Beefeaters of the Tower of the United Kingdom". Inspired by this title, and a whole bunch of Wikipedia reading I was doing on the Magna Carta and other very early English Legal documents.... I came up with this... Suggestions for new items welcomed. ==Document


In the ruins of the once great city of London, with a view to restore the once indisputable might of Britainia and to ensure for good governance, restoration of security, and the protection of liberties; the governing council of the Yeoman Guard of the New Tower of London do hearby proclaim this New Magna Carta to the people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


  1. For the interim of the emergency, the Beefeaters of the New Tower of London assume control over all aspects of the great Nation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. We will recognise no other claimants to this title, nor offer them no quarter in our solemn task of restoring this nation.
  2. For bringing this nation to the brink of disaster through misgovernance and misrule, the members of his majesty's government as of October 23 2077 are hearby outlawed. Neither this document, nor any prior legislation, order or treaty shall offer them any protection against the crimes they have committed.
  3. For forcing this nation into ill considered wars and interference in American-Sino relations, The United Kingdom immediately and irrevocably withdraws from the European Commonwealth. Existing statutes and court decisions as of October 23 2077 will be followed until a legislative alternative can be prepared, but no further decisions or statutes will have any force. Notice will be provided to the commonwealth, or any successor organisation, when circumstances allow.
  4. The Beefeaters, through their ancient oaths remain loyal to the Crown of the United Kingdom; however until a suitable claimant presents themself the Royal Perogative shall be managed by the Lord Protector as their regent. The office of Lord Protector shall be offered to the captain yeoman of the guard, and the governing council will make provisions for its continued application on death or incapacity of the lord protector should this occur before a royal claimant can be confirmed.
  5. The Parliament of Westminster shall be restored when practical, just as it was in our fathers day with such duties and liberties as it always has enjoyed.
  6. The House of Commons, as the governing house of Parliament shall be elected as it was before through popular election to single seat constituencies by eligible electors. Elections shall occur firstly in loyal areas when circumstances allow for an appointment of no more than five years. Areas returning to loyal status shall appoint members to the current session by by-election when circumstances allow.
  7. The House of Lords Temporal and Spiritual, as the considered house of review, shall resume its duties when the commons sits, subject to enough legitimate claimants to provide Quorum be located. Should an inadequate number of claimants be located the Governing council of the Beefeaters shall sit as house of review.
  8. The Parliament Acts restructing the rights and powers of the House of Lords Temporal and Spiritual are to be considered null and void until such time as reconfirmed by new legislation reenabling these acts.
  9. Until such time as Parliament can resume its duties, the lord protector shall pass necessary legislation with the advice of the governing council. The exercisor of the royal Perogative shall continue the right to be able to apply royal assent after this resumption.
  10. No man shall be taken or imprisoned, or be disseised of his freehold, or liberties, or free Customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any other wise destroyed; nor will We not pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgment of his Peers, or by the Law of the land or this document. We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right.
  11. As the font of Justice it is the Crown's task to provide for courts to provide and dispense justice, as the regent for the prerogative the Lord Protector shall assume this role in the meantime. To this effect, he shall also perform the judical functions of the Lords of Appeal in the Ordinary until this body can be reconsituted by the House of Lords, and provide for a civilian court system to adjudicate for the populace
  12. The Lord Protector is tasked with ensuring the resumption of the King's peace throughout the kingdom, and may establish law enforcement bodies or issue warrants as to provide this.
  13. A man shall not be determined by by any genetic purity test, mutants who are clearly capable of reason shall be considered to be men and subject to the rights and responsibilities thereof.
  14. To provide for an informed populace, the BBC shall resume its duties in educating and informing the nation as soon as is reasonably practical. The Lord Protector shall make provisions to ensure it can carry out its duties.


These provisions extend to all corners of the Isles under the rightful rule of the British Monarch, including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, all crown dependencies, colonies and overseas territories. it is also applicable on petition to areas tradtionally outside of the British Crown.

The Lord Protector is tasked with ensuring rightful rule returns to the isles as soon as is practical, and these provisions shall apply when control is assured.

This document is applicable immediately upon signing until such time it can be confirmed or rejected by the rightful holder of the royal assent, and in perpetuity afterwards (save for the provisions regarding the temporary execution of the royal perogavitve in the meantime).